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DATING AGENT BiZ History of Development Step3: Dating Agent...

DATING AGENT BiZ History of Development Step3: Dating Agent BIZ v5. 0 [php with GD module required to run this version]Dynamic content management system [lib/mysql.

php, webmaster/cms. php] Promotion codes can be submited from member area [member_center. php] Edit expiration date for membership upgrades / Delete active upgrades from webmaster area (when searching and editing rank) [webmaster/editrank.

php] Special section for membership options and upgrades [membership. php] Selectors for birthday [register. php, profile. php] Kg/Lbs Conversion [mem.

php, advanced. php] Pictures not approved are not listed on profile pages or picture rating page [search. php]New Layout [_header. php,_footer. php, images/*.

*]Server-side thumbnail generation (to reduce bandwidth usage, increase loading speed and protect from non-member picture theft)Search listings show results ordered by the most recent registered usersAutomated resize of large pictures on uploadStamp with website name on all pictures and thumbnailsSetting to enable/disable profile access for visitor v5.

1 Unconfirmed payment notices expire automatically (are removed) after a custom number of days [webmaster/process. php] Membership settings table can be edited from a more friendly similar table in webmaster area [webmaster/emembership.

php] Settings to disable free members viewing additional pictures [member. php,mem. php]Paid members are displayed with stars in search results [search.

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